Sunday, March 17, 2019

Finishing off the tight deadline opportunity

So, my next day starts with the call from this tight opportunity and to the horror, there was no major update made to the deck and they were again adding few more inputs to be added in the deck. I was completely furious and finished off the call smoothly and went to office to finish this high burden of work. Again, I start with the calls to multiple delivery person and was getting their feedback and expected outcome for the deck. The day was completely busy by managing multiple action items to be completed simultaneously and now I was able to complete the work a little bit earlier before the call, as I had finished most of the work in the deck bit earlier and it was even reviewed in the accounts team. So, now I was cautious enough that I conveyed that delivery manager to be available in the call and we can close it today. By meticulous planning and forecasting the work from my end, we were able to finish the deck and only commercial part was needed to be addressed and delivery person needed to work on it. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”