TRAI's DND App Still Unavailable on Apple's App Store - What's Going On?

TRAI's DND App Still Unavailable on Apple's App Store - What's Going On?
In the present era, where we are persistently inundated with unsolicited phone calls and messages, a dependable DND (Do Not Disturb) application is an essential requirement. That's why the TRAI DND app was a game-changer when it was first launched. However, the application was not functioning properly and noticeably slow/unresponsive during the end. Only after few news coverage that it was evident that the application was removed from Apple’s app store due to non-compliance and lack application updates to support latest version of iOS. 

It is astonishing that such a critical application has been inaccessible for an extended period without any apparent clarification from TRAI. The impact of the app's absence was largely felt, as the app had the functionality to report spam calls and messages. With the unavailability of the app, it has become very complicated to report calls and messages and the number of spam calls/SMS has also considerably increased. 

Has TRAI abandoned the app? Is it still being worked on? It's frustrating to be left in the dark about something as important as a DND app that we all rely on.

In conclusion, it's time for TRAI to provide some clarity on the status of the DND app. Whether it's developing a newer version of the app, addressing technical difficulties, or just discontinuing the application, consumers should be informed of the situation. Without any updates, it's hard to remain confident in the app's usefulness and effectiveness. Let's hope that TRAI will address this issue soon and restore the DND app to its rightful place on the App Store.

Impending Limitations of Google Photos Cloud Storage


Google Photos has been a popular destination for millions of users who want to store and manage their photos in the cloud. However, earlier Google promised to offer unlimited storage for high-quality photos and videos, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for users who want to store their memories

The switch to counting storage for photos uploaded to Google Photos has come as a surprise to many users including me, who rely on Google Photos for photo storage needs. Unlimited Photo storage with additional 15GB of storage for Google drive seemed like a generous offer. But Google made announcement that photos stored on its cloud will account against its 15GB FREE storage plan, that may not be enough for all to meet their needs. This will require users to purchase additional storage plans, which can get quite expensive over time, especially for those who had vast old photo collection and need a lot of storage for their current device. Google's potential move is not without reason, as the company aims to reduce storage costs and improve the efficiency of its data centers However, it's important to consider the impact this will have on users who rely primarily on Google Photos for their photo storage needs 

The decision to limit storage to just 15 GB from Google will force users to purchase additional storage plans for users and overtime they may be forced to look for alternative external cloud storage partner for their storage needs. It is important for Google to re-consider user needs and find a way to balance storage costs with user needs. Please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites” for more such insights and suggestions.