Sunday, October 14, 2018

Long weekend with short TAT opportunity

Again, I was having two opportunities in my hand at work, one being no or very less work and other one had very short turn around time and had to be submitted within a week. As a initial process we share the questionnaire with the client and as usual we are hoping that client would take longer time to respond for the questions and we were sure that the deadline would be extended furthermore, so would have enough time to put in solution and respond to the client requirements. However, to all the teams surprise the client had responded to questionnaire the very next day and had clearly stated that there would not be any extension to the deadline. The accounts team had stared to put guns on all teams and suggesting them to provide inputs at the earliest and to work on coming long weekends. I was surprised to hear that and I immediately responded to the accounts team that our delivery teams are not available on long weekends and would be available only the next day and we would provide our response before the deadline. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Increase in Work load on the new opportunity

The initial days for the new opportunity seems to be normal and I was having gala time in office, but finishing the work in few hours and spending rest of the time for personal work. However, this changed as days passed by, I was assigned many more slides to work on for the opportunity and I had to spend entire day for completing it. Earlier I used to complete the work in few hours and now the work has made me completely occupied for the entire day and I was scared about the other fact that, this account team had already requested for weekend support and I completely hate working on weekends. So, I was finishing all the work that were assigned to me, even though it would take longer than usual for other team members and was hoping that I would be free on weekends. But the work seems to high even on Friday and I was sure that I had to provide support for this opportunity even on weekend. Continue reading about this continuation at “G R Team Sites” listed right section of this site.