Thursday, October 4, 2018

Increase in Work load on the new opportunity

The initial days for the new opportunity seems to be normal and I was having gala time in office, but finishing the work in few hours and spending rest of the time for personal work. However, this changed as days passed by, I was assigned many more slides to work on for the opportunity and I had to spend entire day for completing it. Earlier I used to complete the work in few hours and now the work has made me completely occupied for the entire day and I was scared about the other fact that, this account team had already requested for weekend support and I completely hate working on weekends. So, I was finishing all the work that were assigned to me, even though it would take longer than usual for other team members and was hoping that I would be free on weekends. But the work seems to high even on Friday and I was sure that I had to provide support for this opportunity even on weekend. Continue reading about this continuation at “G R Team Sites” listed right section of this site.

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