Future iPads with wireless charging and Mag-safe support


With the introduction of Mag-safe charging capabilities with universal compatibility to Qi wireless chargers for iPhone and AirPods, Apple is slowly transitioning to wireless charging for future devices. On this line, Apple may soon bring in wireless charging capabilities to its iPad lineups and there are few reasons on why Apple might adopt. Following are my reasons on bringing in wireless charging capabilities for iPad
  • Universal compatibility: Most important component of bringing in wireless charging to iPad was to enable universal compatibility across all handheld devices in Apple ecosystem and enable file transfers through Mag-safe technology. By bringing in wireless capabilities to iPad, Apple could bring in new accessories and reverse transfer capabilities through technology advancements 
  • May drop accessories support for cost reduction: One another major component for bringing in wireless charging capabilities is to reduce the e-waste and the cost associated with provided cables on each iPad devices. By transitioning to wireless charging, Apple could soon stop providing even cables in their packaging and may offer exclusive discounts for getting Apple patented Mag-safe chargers.
Above are few expectations from my end on why Apple might bring in wireless charging capabilities to iPad and how transitioning to Mag-safe could be the next big thing. For more such articles or information, please feel free to check out the “G R Team Sites”

Disappointing AirPods Pro 2 launch in 2022

With reference to recent September event from Apple, the most awaited product from the enthusiasts was for the upgraded AirPods Pro 2 and its stand-out features. However, to everyone’s surprise Apple has launched the second generation of AirPods with the same design from first generation and has few more disappointments. My major concerns or disappointment on the launch for AirPods Pro 2 was as follows
  • Lack of lossless support or new audio formats: Even though Apple has mentioned that they are launching the 2nd generation of AirPods Pro with H2 Chip, there was not a single mention of support to Lossless audio format and there is major update on whether the new device would boost sound quality played from Apple Music or from third-party platforms. 
  • Lack of new fitness features as reported by rumors: The rumors were predicting that the 2nd generation AirPods Pro would have in-built sensors that would enhance the health monitoring capabilities and features. Another major disappointment contradicting the rumors prior to the launch was that there was NO introduction of any new health or fitness monitoring and tracking options. 
With above-listed concerns regarding to the 2nd Generation AirPods Pro, it would be wise from people to opt for the first generation AirPods Pro with much less price during the shopping sale and enjoy the same sound quality. To read more such articles, please visit the sites listed in “G R Team Sites”

Freaking accident on my Ford EcoSport with no fault on me


I have bought Ford EcoSport few years ago and have always been a great fan of their build quality and reliability. One fine day, I was driving around my EcoSport on a late night for my personal work and returned to my home without a scratch or scuffle on my car. I parked on my usual parking lot before my home, and it was very close to the main road. There has never been an incident or issue in my car’s parking area, and it has been mine routine parking slot for past several years. However, on that fine day everything has changed and been most devastating day in my car owning history.

I woke up the next day after returning to my home late night parking in my car’s usual parking lot and every family member was worried by looking at me. I was into my usual morning routine and my aunt told me that someone had hit my car in the side and there was considerable damage to the car. I was shell shocked and rushed towards my car to visualize the damage and was completely broken up. I am attaching the picture of my damaged EcoSport car and when I enquired about the possible cause for the damage, it was even more frustrating and completely shaken up. The reason that was conveyed to me was the corporation van that usually picks up the garbage had accidentally reversed towards my EcoSport car and damaged it considerably. After the incident, the driver had fled the scene without even notifying about the incident and did not even bother to apologize to me for the accident. Now, after the incident I was enquiring with my neighbors about filing compliant with the Police and everyone was not that co-operative with me. I was completely broken and now had to figure out the next action item. To know more about it, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”

Annoying Hey Siri with multiple iPhone & iPad (s)

The most sought-after feature for most iPhone users is the experience of Siri and the option to summon Siri for assistance over voice. I personally feel the summoning Siri through “Hey Siri” have been the most frustrating thing, as I have around 5+ apple devices in my family and all have the “Hey Siri” option enabled by default. So, whenever I summon Siri on my iPhone, accidentally the Siri is summoned on my parent’s devices and the actions like reminders or alarms happens at the specific device. Such instances create nuisance for most iPhone users and wanted Apple to enable following options in the upcoming updates. 
  • a. User Voice Specific like Voice ID: While summoning “Hey Siri,” there should have been preference to enable Siri identifies the voice for that device and the Siri option is available only for that specific device(s) integrated into same iCloud. Apple could enable this preference by recording the voice modulation of the user and analyze the voice pattern of the user and enable the Siri available only to that specific user. This automation of voice identification of user can happen only at the device and can also encrypted, so the confidential information is not leaked like Face ID or Touch ID. 
  • b. Yes or no authentication: With introduction of Air Tags, it was evident that Apple could determine whether there are similar or other Apple devices nearby, similarly when “Hey Siri” was summoned it can detect whether there are other Apple devices nearby and can enable authentication for user like “Yes” or “No” mode to further act. 
I also have few more feature suggestion for Apple devices and iPhone’s and for more such articles, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”

High Netflix pricing and lack of yearly subscription

With the recent lockdown restrictions and new normal, the entertainment like movies and web series have come to our devices through OTT apps and each OTT's have differentiating factor associated with it, so it puts overhead on consumers to subscribe to leading OTT platform. Netflix have been the most prominent OTT platform in the web and have been the most preferred subscription for the users. But the pricing of Netflix when compared to Amazon Prime seems to be on higher side and lack of yearly subscription is another disappointing factor. I have already detailed about the comparison of Amazon Prime-video and Netflix subscription in my earlier articles, in this article I wanted to focus on yearly subscription plan from Netflix. Since, there was no yearly subscription plan from Netflix, the platform is losing more users for the following reasons. 
  • Pause when feel bored: As most users watch all the most anticipated and must-watch movies/series in the initial few months, the users can simply pause or cancel the subscription till they get their matching content in the platform. 
  • Cancel when no related content or no new regional content available: The users also have the option to cancel the subscription or pause as needed, if they don't fine any interesting content or new regional content readily available.
  • Lack of bundled features or options: With competitors like Amazon offering bundled features like online shopping and FREE photos backup for its users, the Netflix doesn't offer any such services and this acts against the platform in long-term subscription plan.
Hope Netflix addresses these concerns and introduces yearly subscription plan for its users to get long-term benefits. Read more such articles from "G R Team Sites" and keep supporting us.