Monday, April 20, 2015

Adventure in VISA Interview

Visa interview is something that is always given a tremendous hype and my case was no exception. I attended a number of Visa counseling but nobody could draft what exactly will be asked. It only game a basic idea of what would happen at the same time they todl me to expect any thing. Well finally the day arrived, my interview was at 10 o clock in th morning. I reached there well ahead and had to complete various formalities. After completing all those I was asked to sit in a cabin and they told me to proceed once my name is called. Till that time i was comfortable but as the names were call I began to get nervous. Well it was my turn and it was a Female member in charge for my.I showed her all my documents. She refused to take it and told me to leave. I got dead scared and with a mild tone i asked 'Mam what about ma visa' well she immediately replied that your visa is through and have a nice time. I was shocked to receive such a reply. It was a great sense of relief.It is certainly one of the most unforgettable incidents in my life.

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In brief what we know our only the LHC can complete the explanation.

How did our universe come to be the way it is?

The Universe started with a Big Bang - but we do not fully understand how or why it developed the way it did. The LHC will let us see how matter behaved a tiny fraction of a second after the Big Bang. Researchers have some ideas of what to expect - but also expect the unexpected!

What kind of Universe do we live in?

Many physicists think the Universe has more dimensions than the four (space and time) we are aware of. Will the LHC bring us evidence of new dimensions?

Gravity does not fit comfortably into the current descriptions of forces used by physicists. It is also very much weaker than the other forces. One explanation for this may be that our Universe is part of a larger multi dimensional reality and that gravity can leak into other dimensions, making it appears weaker. The LHC may allow us to see evidence of these extra dimensions - for example, the production of mini-black holes which blink into and out of existence in a tiny fraction of a second

Actor's Lucky Number

Govinda has followed numerology so much that he has changed everything in his house accordingly. His astrologer has told him that the number 9 is very good for him and hence he should change everything in his life to suit that. So all his telephone numbers and the number plates on his cars have been changed. Certainly this is a new number from this unpredictable star. What's he going to change next? Reach the sets sharp at 9 a.m.? Naah

Lehman brothers hire employees

Lehman Brother Holdings Inc plans to rehire about 480 former employees to assist in winding down its business. Barclays PLC, which bought the company's score US assets last month, has continued the employment of more than 9,000 Lehman workers. Barclays and Lehman have a transition services agreement, whereby former employees of the investment bank will help it wind down its business