Friday, July 28, 2017

Go Payment to Stop Confusion

I used to think I could run the world with a word processor and a spreadsheet. I could track, chart and graph trends in my business, send out professional looking letters and proposals. But I couldn’t get paid. All that has changed since Intuit GoPayment hit the market. Now you can get paid twice as fast because you can install a buy now button and accept credit card payments online. And you’ll get free bank transfers. Plus you can see if your invoice has been opened. That might not seem like a big deal, but if you’ve ever waited and waited until you were tempted to pick up the phone and ask if your invoice was received, you know how uncomfortable that can be. It makes a small business look desperate. Now you can follow up with an inquiry as to when to expect a check, that’s an easier conversation to have.

Using Intuit was easy, now GoPayment makes it simple to track financial accounts and organize records. If you’re familiar with the system, making the switch will be fast and easy, but I recommend using a Groupon when you do. That way you can take a low price and make it even lower. But it’s worth every penny you spend to get the results you get when you use GoPayment by Intuit. They offer 24-hour technical support and advice so you won’t have to sleep on any little bugs that you can’t work out on your own. And there’s a Groupon offer for a free trial period so you “try before you buy.” Once you’ve loaded the software and started to use the system, you’ll be back for more.

Most of the tedium is in the books, but that’s also where you will make or break your business. If you’ve ever watched a show like Shark Tank, you know those investors will tear apart any so-called business owner who doesn’t have the facts and figures down pat. Business just isn’t business without solid record keeping and solid financials. So don’t get eaten by the sharks of laziness and neglect. Use the free trial period to acquaint yourself with this new model called GoPayment from Intuit and get ready to swim with the big fish.

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