Saturday, June 12, 2021

Online cloud storage (iCloud vs Onedrive vs Google drive) option comparison

For a long time, I was thinking about moving towards affordable online cloud storage option and I think, this topic would have been common among most users who were using Google photos as their online cloud storage option. With Google photos transitioning itself into paid online cloud platform, the decision was now left with users to decide on affordable and most trusted online cloud storage option. To clear most users doubts, I have detailed below table to help them find most affordable online cloud storage options available. 


Apple iCloud

Google Drive

Microsoft One Drive

Number of users

6 users

6 users

6 Users





Affordable storage option

₹ 365.00

₹ 210.00

₹ 619.00

Yearly Cost

₹ 4380.00

₹ 2100.00

₹ 6199.00

Per Month Cost

₹ 365.00

₹ 175.00

₹ 516.58

Apple Music

₹ 99.00




Apple Music

Google Photos

Office Apps

Per GB Cost




Please note, I have considered Indian currency as the base, as the cloud stores providers offer moist affordable options to Indian users and this comparison is applicable to users across globe. To get more such analysis, please feel free to check out the posts published in G R Team Sites.

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