Comparison between next generation Chromecast and smart android box

I have been using first generation Chromecast for past several years and the device has been serving my needs and I was able to cast from all my mobile and laptop devices. However, in recent times I could feel the lag in the old streaming device and was not able to stream high-definition (HD) or live videos. So, I was looking to buy next generation Chromecast streaming device for my TV and was shocked to learn about its disadvantages. Following are my concerns on getting the next or latest generation of the Chromecast streaming device: 
  • High cost: The most important factor that was bothering me while looking out options to get the next generation Chromecast device was the cost and to my surprise, the device cost was completely exorbitant with no justifications on the new or unique features that was being offered and made me to look out for alternate affordable streaming devices available in the cost. 
  • Manual change between DTH TV and casting: Another important factor that was bothering me while looking at the latest generation of the Chromecast streaming device was the lack of support for the DTH connection and to switch over to the live watching experience of the TV, it must be done manually each time. This lack of support to the DTH streaming was showstopper to me and was complete let off from the shopping list. 
From the above reasons, it was evident that it was not making sense for me to shop for latest generation Chromecast streaming and was completely knocked out from my shopping list. For more such articles or information from my experience, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”

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