Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Resource

The first time home-buyer can now get various tax credits available to them. You may have known different ways to get information of tax credits and the easier way would be referring high quality online real estate network. The is one of the stand-alone online real estate networks out there in the market that help users to find various tax credits available for them. The is also known as full-service real estate provider out there in the market and has about 3,500 residential real estate offices and about 100,000 sales associates in 47 countries and territories. The network provides various First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit information for users such as the first-time homebuyers, or those who have not owned in the last three years, can receive up to an $8,000 tax credit, there may be no future extensions, so all qualified homebuyers are urged to act and have a written, binding contract by April 30, 2010 (close by June 30, 2010), homeowners who have lived in a current home consecutively for 5 of the past 8 years can receive up to a $6,500 tax credit and income limits are now $125,000 for singles, $225,000 for married couples with a $20,000 phase-out of the credit for both. The following video from network would help people to get more information of tax credit.

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