Saturday, February 6, 2010

Safe Gold Coin Selling Resource


If you want to sell gold coins for cash and want to get a fair price and universally avoid coin disputes or coin lawsuits, you need a plan and to do your homework before selling.
Here are some tips from Beaumont, Texas universally recognized coin expert Mike Fuljenz.
“First, always plan to get at least two offers on your gold coins and one should be from a reputable area business, preferably Better Business Bureau accredited that pledges to universally arbitrate to avoid unnecessary coin lawsuits.”
“Second, always make a list and/or photograph valuable coins you offer, send or leave with dealers and make sure they are fully insured at all times they are out of your possession.”
“Third, recognize there are at least seven distinct business models where you can offer your gold jewelry and coins.”
“In my 30 years of experience, I have found major market maker gold coin dealers universally pay the most for rare gold coins and gold bullions, followed by local coin dealers, jewelry shops, pawn shops, gold parties, hotel gold buyers and mail-in gold buyers. These last two, hotel and mail-in buyers, in recent regional and national media tests have paid as little as 20% of what major market maker dealers offered.”
Mr. Fuljenz teaches that failing to plan is planning to fail and his advice here should assist many sellers in getting more money safer for their gold coins and universally avoiding potential coin related disputes and lawsuits.

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