Monday, September 10, 2018

18. Surprise in salary hike

Continuation to the salary saga and my manager requesting me to share the hike percentage, I reached home with heavy heart and never wanted to open the hike letter again. However, I was curious about knowing how much salary would I get post the hike and how much can I save for my retirement. So, after opening the hike letter my calculations were not matching the actual numbers and it doesn’t add up to the final hike numbers. Few moments later, I came to know that I have made a huge error while making the calculations and the hike percentage was more than I actually thought. Now after few calculations I found the exact hike percentage for the current and was actually shocked to know that it was on a higher side, not too higher neither too low to ignore. I was happy and was making some calculations to arrive at my final salary package and found that most of the hike percentage were going for tax and the NET amount is lower than I expected. Now, the most difficult task was to convey it to the manager who requested for it and for more such stories, continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

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