Monday, August 9, 2021

Bundled Music Services in Microsoft Office 365

As stated in my earlier articles published in G R Team Sites that I have selected Microsoft's office 365 family as my preferred online cloud storage platform and have also enabled OneDrive as preferred photos backup option for all my family members. My preference on Microsoft’s office 365 family plan subscription was the option to enable 6 users to store or upload files with size up to 1TB individually and also enables all 6 users to access and use its office suite of applications. However, with all these rewards, I was still looking forward to Microsoft for introduction of bundled services like music and videos. Just by offering 1TB of online cloud storage and access to office suite of applications, will not hold users to stay long with Microsoft and with Apple having their own TV subscription services with launch of new series and movies every quarter, the competition was fiercer than before. While Microsoft focusing on offering its family office 365 subscription plan as more of storage option and office applications will not impress most common users across globe. Microsoft should revamp their strategy on Office 365 family plan and introduce new benefits like bundled music and movie subscription services to make users turnaround for its subscriptions and be market leader in online subscription services. To read more such articles or opinion from my end, please feel free to check out the articles published in G R Team Sites.

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