High Netflix pricing and lack of yearly subscription

With the recent lockdown restrictions and new normal, the entertainment like movies and web series have come to our devices through OTT apps and each OTT's have differentiating factor associated with it, so it puts overhead on consumers to subscribe to leading OTT platform. Netflix have been the most prominent OTT platform in the web and have been the most preferred subscription for the users. But the pricing of Netflix when compared to Amazon Prime seems to be on higher side and lack of yearly subscription is another disappointing factor. I have already detailed about the comparison of Amazon Prime-video and Netflix subscription in my earlier articles, in this article I wanted to focus on yearly subscription plan from Netflix. Since, there was no yearly subscription plan from Netflix, the platform is losing more users for the following reasons. 
  • Pause when feel bored: As most users watch all the most anticipated and must-watch movies/series in the initial few months, the users can simply pause or cancel the subscription till they get their matching content in the platform. 
  • Cancel when no related content or no new regional content available: The users also have the option to cancel the subscription or pause as needed, if they don't fine any interesting content or new regional content readily available.
  • Lack of bundled features or options: With competitors like Amazon offering bundled features like online shopping and FREE photos backup for its users, the Netflix doesn't offer any such services and this acts against the platform in long-term subscription plan.
Hope Netflix addresses these concerns and introduces yearly subscription plan for its users to get long-term benefits. Read more such articles from "G R Team Sites" and keep supporting us. 

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