Annoying Hey Siri with multiple iPhone & iPad (s)

The most sought-after feature for most iPhone users is the experience of Siri and the option to summon Siri for assistance over voice. I personally feel the summoning Siri through “Hey Siri” have been the most frustrating thing, as I have around 5+ apple devices in my family and all have the “Hey Siri” option enabled by default. So, whenever I summon Siri on my iPhone, accidentally the Siri is summoned on my parent’s devices and the actions like reminders or alarms happens at the specific device. Such instances create nuisance for most iPhone users and wanted Apple to enable following options in the upcoming updates. 
  • a. User Voice Specific like Voice ID: While summoning “Hey Siri,” there should have been preference to enable Siri identifies the voice for that device and the Siri option is available only for that specific device(s) integrated into same iCloud. Apple could enable this preference by recording the voice modulation of the user and analyze the voice pattern of the user and enable the Siri available only to that specific user. This automation of voice identification of user can happen only at the device and can also encrypted, so the confidential information is not leaked like Face ID or Touch ID. 
  • b. Yes or no authentication: With introduction of Air Tags, it was evident that Apple could determine whether there are similar or other Apple devices nearby, similarly when “Hey Siri” was summoned it can detect whether there are other Apple devices nearby and can enable authentication for user like “Yes” or “No” mode to further act. 
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