Monday, August 9, 2021

Bundled Music Services in Microsoft Office 365

As stated in my earlier articles published in G R Team Sites that I have selected Microsoft's office 365 family as my preferred online cloud storage platform and have also enabled OneDrive as preferred photos backup option for all my family members. My preference on Microsoft’s office 365 family plan subscription was the option to enable 6 users to store or upload files with size up to 1TB individually and also enables all 6 users to access and use its office suite of applications. However, with all these rewards, I was still looking forward to Microsoft for introduction of bundled services like music and videos. Just by offering 1TB of online cloud storage and access to office suite of applications, will not hold users to stay long with Microsoft and with Apple having their own TV subscription services with launch of new series and movies every quarter, the competition was fiercer than before. While Microsoft focusing on offering its family office 365 subscription plan as more of storage option and office applications will not impress most common users across globe. Microsoft should revamp their strategy on Office 365 family plan and introduce new benefits like bundled music and movie subscription services to make users turnaround for its subscriptions and be market leader in online subscription services. To read more such articles or opinion from my end, please feel free to check out the articles published in G R Team Sites.

Friday, July 2, 2021

Issues with Office 365 and OneDrive online cloud storage  

So, after long thought I have opted OneDrive as my preferred online cloud storage platform. I was excited by opting for OneDrive as preferred online cloud storage for two reasons, one for exclusive access to office applications and other was large online cloud storage choice. However, after using it for past couple of months following are the few constraints that I encountered while using it. 
  • Cloud Storage with no option to device backup: Even though OneDrive offers large storage plan, it does not provide option to backup entire mobile device or entire system in MAC devices. Additionally, OneDrive does not allow users to select specific folders or files in MAC operating system. 
  • Office files Locking and collaboration: OneDrive cloud storage also offers exclusive access to office suite of applications and enables users to share license with 6 users. However, the office suite of apps does not allow users to lock and collaborate the office files. 
Hope Microsoft addresses above issues at the earliest, so users have the option to select their desired files/folders to synchronize with online cloud and allows users to lock confidential files and collaborate with assigned users with password protection. To explore more such articles, please feel free to check out the articles published in G R Team Sites.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Online cloud storage (iCloud vs Onedrive vs Google drive) option comparison

For a long time, I was thinking about moving towards affordable online cloud storage option and I think, this topic would have been common among most users who were using Google photos as their online cloud storage option. With Google photos transitioning itself into paid online cloud platform, the decision was now left with users to decide on affordable and most trusted online cloud storage option. To clear most users doubts, I have detailed below table to help them find most affordable online cloud storage options available. 


Apple iCloud

Google Drive

Microsoft One Drive

Number of users

6 users

6 users

6 Users





Affordable storage option

₹ 365.00

₹ 210.00

₹ 619.00

Yearly Cost

₹ 4380.00

₹ 2100.00

₹ 6199.00

Per Month Cost

₹ 365.00

₹ 175.00

₹ 516.58

Apple Music

₹ 99.00




Apple Music

Google Photos

Office Apps

Per GB Cost




Please note, I have considered Indian currency as the base, as the cloud stores providers offer moist affordable options to Indian users and this comparison is applicable to users across globe. To get more such analysis, please feel free to check out the posts published in G R Team Sites.

Monday, May 17, 2021

Reasons for thinking to switch from current job

After a long time, I was feeling the need to switch job from my current company and wanted to detail out the reasons for the decision. Here are my driving factors forcing me to look out for job switch. 
  • Irritating manager: my manager is of the craziest guy I have ever worked with, and it was the major reason that was driving me to think about the job switch. Out of various things I hate about my manager, below are few of those things. 
    • Micromanaging work assigned without independence. 
    • No proper focus or thinking before work was assigned to the team members. 
    • Often had to re-work on activities assigned due to confused state of my manager. 
    • Often acts silly and childish, for unnecessary work from on-site team. 
  • Financial stability: My company has given only marginal hike and the recent promotional hike was not Saturday and not up to industry standards. As I have got my promotion recently, the next promotion will take exceptionally long time and the hikes will be moderate in the upcoming years. 
For more information on my job switch, please feel free to check out the blog posts listed in G R Team Sites.