Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sumerian records Info

Now, the part of the story where the Sirians are the father doesn’t seem to completely correlate with what the Sumerian records say, at least according to the story given by Zecharia Sitchin, until you look at a sequence of events that Sitchin didn’t seem to understand. Enlil, who was the first one to come to Earth and was the boss in southern Africa— did not land on land when he arrived on Earth. He landed in the waters. Why did he go into the waters? Because that’s where the dolphins and the whales were. The dolphins and whales were the highest level of consciousness on this planet, and still are. In simple galactic terms, Enlil had to go into the ocean to get permission to live and mine gold on Earth. Why? Because this planet belonged to the dolphins and whales, and it is galactic law that permission must be granted before an off-planet race can enter into a different consciousness system. According to the Sumerian records, Enlil stayed with them a very long time, and when he finally decided to come onto land, he was half human and half fish! At one point Enlil became all human. This was described in the Sumerian records.

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